Sunday, February 6, 2011


The SuperBowl is such an important part of February.  I can't imagine not spending time with the family watching the game.  Today's is bittersweet since the Patriots are not playing.  The game has been a little slow but I did get the opportunity to get some homework done (thank God for laptops).  It is amazing to think that in today's society we do not need to be sitting in the living room in order to see the game.  We could be walking down the street watching the game on our phone or sitting in a library watching on our netbook (plugged in of course) or pretty much anywhere you can imagine.  Being a digital immigrant (more so than not) I still long for the connection with other actual human beings being in the same room and sharing the excitement rather than being connected via a technological link but I can certainly understand the freedom one might enjoy because of one. 

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