Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Digital Nation

I just finished watching the Digital Nation show from Frontline.  It certainly offered a great deal of information and opinion to consider.  Most of the information is common knowledge including the need for us as teachers to embrace technology and learn new and better ways to utilize it in our classrooms.  I was surprised to see the extent that some users (the younger generation) rely on their connections technically.  I am from the Generation X and have grown up somewhat with the techology but my connections are not as involved as the younger generation.  I found the Feed Me Bubbe section refreshing and amusing.  There are some of the older generation who still need the stimulation technological connections can offer.  :) 

It is interesting the differences in perception between the students and the teachers whereas the teachers see the students as suffering from an inability to have a single thought stream and the students perceive themselves as being much more efficient than the teachers and the teachers as being out of touch, boring, and somewhat incompetent.  I was deeply troubled by the concept of drone fighter pilots actually attacking sites in the war zones.  The concept of life-like situations being so game oriented raises concerns about where we are going as a society. 

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